Personal Website Features

Every artist website we offer includes dozens of amazing features. All features listed on this page are available to you with your subscription, but are also optional. Each feature can be turned on/off depending on the content you add and your personal settings.

Dedicated Personal Website

Professionally designed multi-page website that features only your artwork. Show off your creative talent to the world at anytime.

Beautiful Design Templates

Choose the unique style of your website from our selection of professionally designed templates. Change your design at anytime.

Domain Name Included

Promote your website on it's own ".com" website domain, which is included in your membership. is waiting for you.

Secure Information

Your website includes an SSL Certificate, so visitor data and purchases are encrypted via industry standard TLS/HTTPS secure protocol.

Easy to Use

Unlike other website platforms out there, ours is extremely simple to use and get up and running. Minimal maintenance is our goal for you.

Private Artwork Galleries

Upload hidden artwork to private galleries for friends, family and client previews - which are password protected.

Mobile Responsive Layout

Your website visitors will have a great viewing experience, because the layout adjusts to desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Search Engine Optimized

Ranking high on Google search results is important to us, so your website is optimized using proven SEO techniques.

Social Media Integration

Import your website images from your existing Facebook/Instagram pages. Your social media links also display on your website.

Unlimited Images

Upload as many images to your website as you like, there's no limit. Import images from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or upload from your computer.


Categorize your artwork into unlimited sub-galleries for better organization and display on your portfolio.

Full-Screen Images

Show the quality details of your artwork with an HD version of your image at full-screen.

Quick-Zoom Feature

Allow those viewing your artwork to hover over the image to see a zoomed in view of your image.

Alternate Image View

Share an alternate image, zoomed in view, different angle or a sketch for every image in your portfolio.

Google Analytics Tracking

View dozens of detailed statistics reports and viewer insights with our seamles integration with Google Analytics.

Art Store Features

If you wish to sell your art on your website, these features are available to you.

Sell Your Artwork

You have the ability to sell originals, prints or digital files of every image in your online portfolio. Each image you upload has the option to be listed for sale on your personal art store.

No Commission Fees

Many art websites charge a commission fee if the sale comes through the website, but NOT us. You earn 100% of the sales that you fulfill that come through your website.

PayPal Integration

If you have a PayPal account, you can link that to your portfolio. When visitors click the "buy" button on your artwork, they are taken to your PayPal page where you receive the full payment amount.

Sell Instant Prints

Sell high-quality prints, posters and canvas prints of your portfolio images on-demand. Each print has a wholesale price to cover our costs, and you make everything above that amount in commission payments.

Sell Instant Products

Every image you upload can be sold & printed on over 100 different products (ie mousepads, coffee mugs, calendars, clothing, etc.). You earn a sales commission for every product you sell.

Product Pricing Discounts

Get up to a 50% pricing discount on the print products we offer. Simply order while you are logged in and the price discount will automatically apply to you and you only pay the wholesale cost per product.

Multi-Page Websites

Your website will contain multiple pages with a header linking to each page.
Here is a list of the available pages you can have on your website.
(Single page website layouts are also available.)

Home Page

The home page is your first impression to the world. All of our design templates offer multiple home page layouts like full screen image, half-screen image, slideshow and portfolio view.

Portfolio Page

Your portfolio gallery page shows thumbnail images of all your artwork. Clicking on the thumbnail takes the visitor to a larger view of the image and additional details.

Shop Page

If you are selling any of your art, that artwork is listed on your art shop page for visitors to purchase.

About Page

This page displays the artist biography, information about the artist, latest news and a self-portrait image of the artist.

Blog Page

Share your thoughts, updates, journal and upcoming event details on your personal blog anytime you wish.

Contact Page

This page has a form to e-mail you. You can also choose to display your phone number, address and links to your social media accounts.

Backend Features

These features & benefits are available to you when you login to our website backend.

Advanced Customizations

Customize your website even further with additional layout customizations and website settings.

Statistics Reports

We track all the visitors views that are browsing your website and we share that information with you on great statistics reports.

High-Res File Backups

We create a secure backup of every image you upload for your peace of mind. Download your backup at anytime.

Aritst Community Features

Through our partnership with, you can also enjoy all of these optional artist community features as part of your membership. Sync

Your personal website data is instantly synced with the community website, so you can get more exposure, traffic and feedback through this art community.

Artist Community

Meet other artists from around the world in our art community. Join the message board discussions, artist groups and other art community areas of the site.

Preferred Image Placement

Your images are automatically published on the website and given a higher priority in search results and other areas of the website.

Artwork Feedback

All members enjoy the benefit of getting feedback on their artwork from other artists or website visitors. This is done through comments made on the artwork you post.

Save Your Favorites

As you browse the community, add artists and artwork to your personal favorites list. Other members can add your artwork to their favorites list.

Art Contests

Every month we hold artwork and photography contests for our community members and give away prizes to the winners.

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